Buzzer's Lawn Service.
So if you are tired of walking in your pet waste, or just need
someone to service your lawn just give us a call. Buzzer's
Lawn Service offers a pooper scooper service as well as
lawn maintenance. During each visit, we will police your
yard, scoop up all the dog poop, and bag up anything we
find. The scooping day is determined by the location of
your house. Weekly, bi-weekly, or twice per week service
is available in most areas for customers. Or while we are
mowing your yard we can scoop the poop and leave your
yard safe and manicured.
Call for details 314-276-3881 or email us at or
Cujo our dog.
R.I.P 3/7/11
A nice little dog.
Buzzer's Lawn Service your full service lawn care service
and pooper scooper service for your dog waste.    
Year around work for any service.  Look at our service page
for the services that we offer.
Visit us at facebook/buzzlawn  
Updated Jan 15, 2014
Fully Insured........
Free estimates.  
We've been in business since 2003
Call our local number  314-276-3881
Our slogan is! Have Fun In The Sun
While We Maintain Your Yard.
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Cash, checks, and credit card accepted. Billing is sent
out the last Thursday of the month.
use pay pal to pay
your bill.
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.We scoop what your dog left behind.  
Puddy Tat and Missy